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a gift for ollie


Oliver was born a week ago and I wanted to give him a custom knit item! I had originally planned to give him a finished item, but after looking at it again it wasn’t quite right.

(Perfectionism at its finest.)

I knew that babies often scratch their faces accidentally so I figured that newborn mitts would be a great option! After some searching, I found these mitts off of Ravelry and they were perfect! I used some sock yarn and with the magic loop method they took about the length of a movie to make. He looked adorable in them and they fit perfectly!

What are your favorite (fast) baby gifts? Share in the comments, I’m always looking for more!





{2017 Best Nine from Instagram}

Chunky cables and colorwork were favorites this year…thank YOU all for your support, whether you made a purchase of an item or pattern, were a tester, told a friend or liked/commented on photos!

2017 was a mixed bag of both blessings and heartache- we moved into our first house, added a kitten to the family, I got a new and wonderful job and Nate gained a lot more responsibility at his. After years of varied allergies and health problems, I saw a functional nutritionist and am now only gluten free-which for me is a big deal! (Heck yes to cheese and ice cream 🙌🏻) After a slow start, my Etsy shop began to have some traction and my work is now being sold at a local boutique.

We also experienced a lot of heartache and loss within my family, but within that there has been so much growth and strengthening. Thank you to friends and church family who have walked alongside us and prayed for us this year, it has meant the world.

Happy New Year, friends. May 2018 be a year of hope and gratitude, no matter what comes your way.

learning new things

You guys. Sorry I’ve been practically non-existent these past few months.

I wanted to pop in and share a weird little thing I made today…I’m in the process of learning Adobe Illustrator and this is pretty much how I feel about it.

wutmonstaAnyway, hope you’ve had a good week and enjoyed this random little blurb!

summer favorites 2017

Hello! It’s been a hot second (summer?) since I wrote on anything beyond a paragraph AT ALL, so the monthly favorites that happened throughout the spring are now being encompassed into a full season…in no particular order.

Revolution Artisan Pops

When you’re on a pretty restrictive diet like I currently am, any sort of cold treat that you’re able to have automatically becomes your favorite. Revolution Artisan Pops is a must if you’re planning on strolling through Old Town Fort Collins anytime soon! They’re made with real fruit and come in a variety of flavors, I think last week when we went I got raspberry hibiscus and it was divine. At roughly $3.50 each, they don’t  break the bank either! Plus, you might be able to score a free one at a CSU game.

Color Dip Nail Powder

I’m a sucker for nail polishes and ways to make my manicure last longer, and a chance meeting with someone at a networking event left me hankering to try this. While it took a few tries to get it right (and learning that clipping your cuticles is a must before applying), it’s really pretty once you are finished with it! While it says up to 21 days of use, so far I’ve been able to get about a week and a half of great wear out of it and then it starts to look a little iffy. But still! A week and a half with minimal chipping is a great deal in my book.

Popcornopolis Nearly Naked Popcorn

Admittedly, this has been a favorite for awhile, BUT it’s even more so after a summer of limited snacking. I love that their ingredients are literally just popcorn, coconut oil, and salt. We get the gigantic bag at Costco and I pretty much inhale it over the course of a week. I’ve tried to replicate it by making it myself, but it’s just not the same!


I know I’ve posted about these when I got them in April, but I’m so much more in love with them now then I was then! After a few years of working as a hostess in high school whilst wearing flats (bad idea), I’ve wrestled with plantar fasciitis, and it gets worse every summer as flip flops are the only thing cool enough to wear. This year, I haven’t had issues with it at all when I’m wearing these and it has been a game-changer. I wear them around the house (wood floors), to work, on day trips, on small hikes…they’re not the prettiest shoe around but they’re definitely a classic for a reason.


Camping Stoves

Where have you been all my (adult) life?? My husband is an avid undeveloped camper and I’m still warming up to it, especially the food and cooking aspect of it. Trying to figure out how to cook on the fire without either scorching it or giving yourself food poisoning has been tricky! Nate received a camping stove for his birthday at the beginning of the summer and it has been so amazing- it opens up so many cooking options and coffee in the morning is so much more possible! As a bonus, you’re able to still cook when you arrive at your destination only to find that there’s a fire ban or first thing in the morning when the only thing on your mind is coffee. The addition of this to our camping box has made me much more willing to go off the grid for a few days…now we just have to tackle toilets and showering.

Califia Creamer

While still on dairy-free, sugar-free, everything free-ness, short of putting straight unsweetened coconut milk in my coffee I wasn’t able to find anything. Enter Califia. I found it at Sprouts and legitimately squealed when I read the ingredients list and found out that I could indeed have it! I’ve tried their vanilla one as well and haven’t had any sort of reaction, so a definite win in my book. It’s not exactly cheap…but as it greatly increases my daily happiness, I would say that it’s worth it.

Magic Loop Knitting

This summer I tackled a long-held knitting goal: sock knitting. At first, I went with the first suggested method, typical double pointed needles, and while it worked, several of my lovely followers on Instagram suggested trying magic loop for a faster sock, and an option to do them two at a time. I found Peony and Thyme’s video on Youtube, and while it took a few tries to get it down, it made knitting so much easier and so much faster! I definitely recommend checking out her tutorials, and if you’ve been looking to try sock knitting I used the Knitting Pure & Simple Beginner’s Lightweight Socks pattern.


Library cards come with many wonderful perks, and Hoopla is among the finest. It’s literally a site for free audiobooks! In July, I listened to American Fire and Hillbilly Elegy (which will get a section of its own) and it was so nice to get it as a loan from the library instead of having to pay. I’m trying audible this month but it’s honestly not a good deal…$14.99 for ONE audiobook per month. I would go through that in a week as I’m driving at least 40 minutes a day and like to listen to podcasts/books as I’m designing at work.


Hillbilly Elegy

This book was so fascinating to read and I learned so much from JD Vance’s experiences. It’s fascinating to learn about how vastly different our lives can be from other people even when they live in the same country! It really encouraged me to check my privilege as well, to not take my education or upbringing for granted, and even more, as a student of history, to appreciate the unique backgrounds that everyone has.

If you’re still here, thank you! I hope you find something that you love and that you have a wonderful labor day weekend.

What were some of your favorite things this summer?



miss harper


Meet Harper, the newest member of our little family!

Named for the author Harper Lee, she turns 3 months old tomorrow and is a little ball of energy! As Alice’s niece, she’s already displaying some huntress tendencies and we’re a little nervous at the potential of having two huntresses in the house.

We brought her home a month ago and the adjustment has gone well for all save for her actual blood relative- Alice can still be pretty hissy and impatient with her while Gatsby tolerates her jumping on him pretty well. She put Indi in his place and seems to enjoy messing with him (and let’s be honest, the pooch needs it).

I love her little chirps when she starts to play with Gatsby, her contented purrs while cuddling, and her crazy bounciness after finding a toy that she likes. We’re excited to watch her grow!


shop update!

Hello friends!

After a spring and summer of designing new things and (falling way behind on blogging), my shop update is live! Visit it here.

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project bag

Hello hello!

Confession: I’ve been lugging my knit projects to and fro in a plastic ziplock bag. And my needles frequently bust through, leaving me with a pretty janky looking system.

I’ve been eyeing other Etsy shops and their lovely pattern bags and loved the idea of having something actually pretty to carry my stuff in without having to worry about tangled yarn! (Case in point: I spent 10 minutes untangling my socks yarn from my purse today) I’m also toying with the idea of selling them for fellow makers as taking your yarn with you is pretty much a given, amiright?

Anyway. After perusing Pinterest, I came up with a basic idea and headed to the Loopy Ewe to get some fabric. At fist I had considered JoAnne’s, but the quality and patterns at LE were so much more fun…and I use any excuse I can to get over there. Continue reading “project bag”

braver still


“The world is just as scary as I thought it was, but Your love makes me braver still.” -JJ Heller

Real Talk: The last several months have been crazy hard as my family has shifted and splintered into something we never could have predicted, leaving us grappling with the pieces left behind. While it has made the remnant stronger, we are still hurting, and grief is a long and winding process.

On a particularly emotional day last week, this song spoke life and comfort and reminded me once again that God is with us and promises to work all things together for good.

If you’re also facing hard situations, as goodness knows everyone is, I encourage you to give “Braver Still” a listen. It can’t fix what is broken, but can be a balm for a hurting heart. Healing is coming, friends.

first socks!

I finished my first pair of socks! So excited that I finally checked this off of my knitting bucket list. 🙂


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I used Knitting Pure and Simple’s Beginner’s Lightweight Socks using Cascade Heritage Wave in Nightshade/504.

Have you tried to make socks before? How did it turn out?


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