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miss harper


Meet Harper, the newest member of our little family!

Named for the author Harper Lee, she turns 3 months old tomorrow and is a little ball of energy! As Alice’s niece, she’s already displaying some huntress tendencies and we’re a little nervous at the potential of having two huntresses in the house.

We brought her home a month ago and the adjustment has gone well for all save for her actual blood relative- Alice can still be pretty hissy and impatient with her while Gatsby tolerates her jumping on him pretty well. She put Indi in his place and seems to enjoy messing with him (and let’s be honest, the pooch needs it).

I love her little chirps when she starts to play with Gatsby, her contented purrs while cuddling, and her crazy bounciness after finding a toy that she likes. We’re excited to watch her grow!


shop update!

Hello friends!

After a spring and summer of designing new things and (falling way behind on blogging), my shop update is live! Visit it here.

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project bag

Hello hello!

Confession: I’ve been lugging my knit projects to and fro in a plastic ziplock bag. And my needles frequently bust through, leaving me with a pretty janky looking system.

I’ve been eyeing other Etsy shops and their lovely pattern bags and loved the idea of having something actually pretty to carry my stuff in without having to worry about tangled yarn! (Case in point: I spent 10 minutes untangling my socks yarn from my purse today) I’m also toying with the idea of selling them for fellow makers as taking your yarn with you is pretty much a given, amiright?

Anyway. After perusing Pinterest, I came up with a basic idea and headed to the Loopy Ewe to get some fabric. At fist I had considered JoAnne’s, but the quality and patterns at LE were so much more fun…and I use any excuse I can to get over there. Continue reading “project bag”

braver still


“The world is just as scary as I thought it was, but Your love makes me braver still.” -JJ Heller

Real Talk: The last several months have been crazy hard as my family has shifted and splintered into something we never could have predicted, leaving us grappling with the pieces left behind. While it has made the remnant stronger, we are still hurting, and grief is a long and winding process.

On a particularly emotional day last week, this song spoke life and comfort and reminded me once again that God is with us and promises to work all things together for good.

If you’re also facing hard situations, as goodness knows everyone is, I encourage you to give “Braver Still” a listen. It can’t fix what is broken, but can be a balm for a hurting heart. Healing is coming, friends.

first socks!

I finished my first pair of socks! So excited that I finally checked this off of my knitting bucket list. 🙂


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I used Knitting Pure and Simple’s Beginner’s Lightweight Socks using Cascade Heritage Wave in Nightshade/504.

Have you tried to make socks before? How did it turn out?


yarn bowl

Prior to this weekend, I had never used a yarn bowl, but as soon as I saw a beautiful display I knew that I wanted to try one. The bowls were all hand thrown, glazed and baked by a local elderly couple and it was so cool to ask them questions about the process and see their work. Now I’m wondering why I hadn’t used one before…yarn will no longer be falling off my lap to roll across the floor! 

earth laughs in flowers 🌺 


autoimmune-paleo life

Recently, I found out that the reason I’m always tired, have a growing list of food intolerances, frequent migraines, and rough periods (TMI?) is that I have leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, anemia, hypoglycemia, a vitamin d deficiency…the list goes on.

The main culprit behind all of this is that I was born with hypothyroidism, and the leaky gut and non-thyroid were feeding off of each other, not allowing my body to absorb the medication properly and making me feel like a walking zombie! It also meant my body was in a constant state of catch-up and stress, intensifying the zombie effect. I knew something was wrong but since I’ve lived my whole life as a tired little thing having known nothing different, it was harder for me to catch.

The great news is that I can feel better and that each of those problems can be fixed, leaving me feeling better than I have ever felt! And I can eat dairy within a year if everything goes well (cue the confetti!!)! I’ve already had a few days where I had way more energy than I’m used to and it was a crazy feeling (is this how normal people feel??). Continue reading “autoimmune-paleo life”

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