today’s oils

For the people that know me well, it’s no secret that I’m a major fan of Young Living’s Essential Oils. My family lovingly refers to me as their “little granola,” and while they were super skeptical at first, they have ended up asking me LOTS of questions and often use the oils themselves now! I love that the oils are a healthy and organic option to support many common problems and maladies and that they can provide support to literally any part of your body. While they are no substitute for prescription drugs, they have helped me in so many practical ways. While a more comprehensive list of practical uses will have to be a future blog post, this is how they’ve helped me today–while at work!

Release: As someone with medically treated GAD, this is a great help in providing support to my anxious self. When I wear it in a diffuser necklace or apply it diluted to my wrists at 15 minute intervals, it has really helped me to clear my mind and to let go of some of the residual lingering anxiousness.

Peace and Calming: Today I was a little more anxious than usual (thank you hormones…) so I added a little extra help. The added bonus  to the calm is that it smells great.

Lavender: Easily one of my absolute favorite oils, today it is being used for a very stiff neck! I mixed it with an unscented lotion and rubbed it on my neck with Copaiba (listed below) to ease a little bit of the stiffness.

Copaiba: As stated above, I added this to my lavender for my neck because of its anti-inflammatory benefits. Another great thing about Copaiba is that it acts as a magnifier when combined with anything else, so adding it on my neck not only encouraged less inflammation, it also upped the ante of the lavender.

*note: My neck pain is also being treated with chiropractic and physical therapy, so this is a support in conjunction with medical treatment and not a cure.

If you have any questions or are interested in Essential Oils, I am happy to try to help! While I am no expert, I love learning and providing information to others to the best of my ability.

What are your favorites for on-the-go?


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