affordable fashion

As I peruse the “Style” tag on WordPress, I’ve noticed a trend in the pieces that are being put together.

Everything. Is. So. Darn. Expensive.

And seriously? What average person pays $200-$700 on a shirt?! And then the pants are another $200, shoes are another $400. They haven’t even touched on handbags or jewelry and their outfit is already over $1300. What sort of job would one have to possess to spend so much on their wardrobe? Who are these people and where do they live? Beverly Hills? Someone help me understand. And why are these the outfits being presented as the only stylish options when there are plenty of options that don’t break the bank?

So…where to go for affordability? Some of my favorites are the Macy’s sale rack, TJMaxx, Marshall’s, JCPenny, Nordstrom Rack, and Target, though I have to shop in the Junior’s section at most of these places to find clothing small enough for me (finding clothes for my tiny frame can be really difficult in the women’s section as they usually stop at size 2 or 3. But that’s a topic for another blog post…). However, even though I’m usually in Junior’s,  I have noticed that the women’s section in these places usually have pretty on-point items as well. While I’m not denying that it takes more time to find fashionable items and stay within a budget, it is totally possible and worth it. Things go out of style quickly!

Today, my office attire included dark red skinny jeans, a black long sleeved shirt, white scarf, satchel, and nude flats for a simple yet pulled together look. Below is a similar version.

affordable fashion 3216
Shop this look:

Red Pants 

Black Top

Charming Charlie Aster Geo Infinity Scarf

Side Zip Wedge Bootie by Sugar

Structured Satchel With Lock

*All of these items, except for the scarf, are from, and I do not receive any benefits from you clicking on the link or shopping with them. I’m just a fan. 🙂

Where are some of your favorite places to buy clothes? Have you had hits or misses at any of the stores I mentioned?


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