little gifts//march six


This, overall, has been a very rough week. But, in the midst of things, I’m learning to say  that it is well with my soul.

In times of trouble, I’ve often turned to counting little gifts, as a way of finding the good and the blessings within the heartache.

I am always cataloging things in my mind as I see them, but it seems that only in times of heartache that I write them down. The need to pen them ebbs and flows, but they’re always accumulating. Right now, they demand to be counted– as a way to show myself that things are still going to be okay, that there is a plan, that my story is not complete. So without further ado…

-squirrels chattering and chasing each other around a big oak tree

-friendly elderly ladies smiling at you as you walk by

-my sweet husband’s words of encouragement

-mama calling to check on me

-wonderful friends who listen to you and encourage laughter

-the whimsy and creativity of the game “Exploding Kittens”

-group naps on the couch while “Baby Mama” plays on

-messages that you needed to hear

-annotations in meaningful text

-finishing great books (This week was The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre, review to come!)

-large glasses of wine in the tub

-fancy candles that smell wonderful

-receiving a compliment on an old skirt

-fun new shows on Netflix

-experimental cooking that turns out just fine

-feeling spring in the air

-getting to wear sandals

-the satisfaction of brushing the cats and dog and knowing that it’s less hair to vacuum (real life here)

-honest conversations

-the well-meaning suggestions of friends and the prayers from people you’ve not spoken to in forever

-texts filled with silly gifs from my sister

-how cats look when they sleep

-dancing around the house

-feeling comforted to the bone

What are your “gifts” from the week?


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