My mama has been taking spinning lessons so that she can make yarn out of our alpaca fiber, and I decided to drive down to Denver yesterday to watch and to have dinner with both of my parents–when else would I be available during the day while she’s learning something like that?

While I’ll likely leave the spinning to her, it was fascinating to see the process of how yarn is made from start (on the alpaca) to finish (completed yarn) and to see how many different kinds of spinning wheels exist, and it is so neat to see her get to do what she always wanted to do with the alpaca fiber! She’s doing great so far. Her last lesson was for turning fiber into a yarn or thread (honestly not sure of the correct term), and this lesson was to turn what she was working on into yarn.

Once you spin the fiber, it is then usually necessary to spin two strands together to have a stronger yarn that won’t pull apart while it’s being worked with.

I watched while working on yet another failed knitting pattern. I’m in a knitting rut! 😭

This cute little shop is out of the back of the owner’s vacuum shop!  It was difficult not to purchase a lot of the beautiful yarns or bundles of dyed fiber…even though I myself have no spinning wheel or drop spindle.

After everything is spun together, one wraps it around something called a Niddy Noddy to make a skein. The last step will be to wash the completed yarn again to set it and she’ll be set to use it!



If you’re interested in spinning, the lessons were through Blazing Star Ranch.

Have you ever tried spinning (or, like me, are stuck in a knitting rut)? I’d love to hear about it! 


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