colorado date ideas

Colorado Date Night Ideas


Throughout our relationship, Nate and I have spent hours on the internet trying to come up with fun dates. Since we’re always looking for new date ideas, we thought we’d share some of our own. These range from absolutely free to a fancy dinner or small road trip, and we’ve enjoyed them all!

  • Stargazing

This was how we had our first kiss when we first started dating! Driving out to the mountains is the best way to do this. We watched a meteor shower in December (freezing) and brought a bazillion blankets and basically wore snow suits and drank hot cocoa. Such good memories. 🙂

  • Wash Park

Washington Park in Denver is such a fun place to hang out, and as a bonus, it’s close to all kinds of food. We rented out a little bike car that was half car/bike pedal and had it for an hour.

10 month bike

  • Ice Skating

Whether you do that outside or at an ice rink, this is a fun and active date! It also leads to a lot of laughs if one (or both) of you is really inexperienced.

  • Hot Springs! Glenwood, Strawberry Park, an Avalanche Ranch

We L O V E hot springs. Anytime.  We’ve driven hours to get to them and then drive hours back home, and it is so worth it each time! Our favorite is definitely Strawberry Park above Steamboat Springs, there are pools that go from hot to cold and it’s in a natural setting. Note: In the winter chains or 4WD is required.

One of our close friends is from Glenwood Springs, and we’ve been able to go there a few times in the past year. While we prefer Strawberry Park, this one is still pretty fun, especially if you’re able to go on the club side.

Avalanche Ranch is out by Carbondale, and makes a nice addition to a trip to Redstone Castle (see below).

  • Fort Collins- Oak Street Plaza

For our first date, we got Chipotle and walked down to eat under the lights at Oak Street Plaza. Two years later, Nate proposed to me there! It’s classically romantic with all of the twinkle lights strung through the trees, and in the summer there’s fountains.

iPhone 110

old town

  • Redstone Castle

Located just a little past Carbondale, this place is an romantic and historical mansion that you are able to tour. It’s beautiful, and is currently under renovations to turn the place into a working hotel and spa. In the future it would be wonderful to stay there.

  • Estes Park

Hiking, shopping, saltwater taffy, AMAZING FOOD…what more could you need? We highly recommend Notchtop for breakfast. The Stanley hotel is an interesting place to visit…but I don’t know that I’d want to spend the night there– both of us get creeped out easily.


  • Boulder –Brasserie Ten Ten and Pearl Street Mall

We love Brasserie Ten Ten. It’s a little more on the expensive side but perfect for a fancy date. Afterwards, you can get Ben & Jerry’s ice cream (need to try the new dairy free options!!), explore the European Market, Art Galleries, and people-watch (let’s be honest) at Pearl Street Mall. A cheaper dinner option in the summer is eating at the Rio Grande on the roof.

  • Brewery Tours- Odell, New Belgium…and so much more.

    Northern Colorado is like a craft beer Mecca. There’s a yearly parade called the Tour de Fat through New Belgium in Fort Collins that I want to go to so badly! Even though I’m not a fan of beer, it’s a really interesting and fun thing to do with friends and usually I’m able to find one or two varieties that I don’t mind all that much. 🙂 It’s a fun thing to do with parents as well, if they’re fine with drinking. We’ve had fun playing corn hole on the patio of Odell’s, and there’s usually a food truck around if you get hungry.

  • Beau Jos

Beau Jos is a Colorado beauty and they’re super allergy friendly! While admittedly they’re much better at gluten free than dairy free, I have really liked their hot wings (I know, not pizza) and really want to try a pizza with goat cheese now that I know that I can tolerate it.

  • Picnics- literally anywhere

Y’all, we are surrounded by beauty here– and so much wilderness! We frequently drive up Poudre Canyon with crazy dog and eat lunch, hike up random hills, or walk along the river. Side note: Sitting along the Poudre River is a really great place to have a quiet time, read, or complete homework.


perfect picnic food

  •  Coffee Shops

When we first started dating, we were both still college students and ended up doing a lot of homework together! We found that it was a lot easier to complete papers and research when we were not at one of our houses and so we ended up in coffee shops all over town, or buying coffee at CSU’s library (seriously, it’s so smart for them to have a coffee shop within the library). More recently, we’ve worked on taxes at a coffee shop, which is much less fun than researching sociology or reading history.


  • Horseback Riding

Admittedly, this used to be a lot easier for us because my family had horses, but there are also a lot of options for trail rides in both the mountains and along the front range. Or, if you have horses, there’s a fun trail outside of Monument. If you’re going on a guided ride, just make sure to take a trail ride that goes on a trail, not in a circle in a pen. It’s much more worth it that way.

iPhone 420

  •  Romantic Strolls at Night

I love taking walks with Nate and the dog when everything is quiet–and it’s so beautiful in the snow! We’ve had some of our best conversations while taking walks and it’s a good way to spend quality time while still moving around. We have spent hours walking around various parks, and it was a really easy thing to do when I lived close to a little lake.

  • 16th Street Mall- Denver

One of our early dates was in Denver, and since it was right after Christmas the mall was so quiet and lovely in the snow. We had dinner at one of the restaurants and then enjoyed perusing the various shops.

  • Camping

    While this isn’t one of my absolute favorite things (I’m a girl who loves running water and real kitchens), Nate l o v e s to go camping. We go to Red Feather Lakes a lot because he especially enjoys undeveloped camping. It took me awhile to get used to the idea because, hello, no bathrooms, but it is nice to get away from the city every once awhile and it’s fun to see both see Nate so excited about nature, and to wear the dog out. If you’re not cool with undeveloped, don’t worry, I won’t judge…I come from a family that much prefers hotels and RV’s to tents and we are not ashamed to say so. 😉

Pro tip: I used to get so cold while camping, but we got a double sleeping bag for our wedding! We found that even in awful conditions, if we put our individual sleeping bags inside the double one, it stays nice and cozy.


This is by no means a comprehensive list of things that you can do in Colorado! We still have a list of things we want to do, but that shall have to be a post for another day.

What are some of your favorite Colorado dates? Share in the comments below!



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