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Happy Monday! I thought I’d start out the week by sharing some of my favorite makeup products. I wear most of these daily and, with the exception of the eyeliner, all were purchased at Sephora over the past year or so. It’s rare that I go on a spree as that can get reallllly expensive very quickly, but I’ve been able to use gift cards and holiday money to build up a nice little collection. I find that it’s better to buy Sephora Brand or a drugstore brand for some of the absolute basics such as blush, eye shadow primer, or mascara, and then splurge on the things that will last a long time such as eye shadow or foundation. Gift sets are also a great way to get multiple products at a discount, especially when the brand itself is having a major sale.

1.)  Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush [$28]: I got two of these blushes in a Tarte gift set and have really loved this pink one– I’m a little nervous to try the one with more orange in the pigment because of my coloring. I like that it lasts a long time and that you need a very small amount to go a long way. I’m not positive that I could justify spending almost $30 just on blush when they’re frequently added into gift sets and freebees, but this one has been a fun and colorful addition to my vanity.

2.) Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara [$21]: While usually I use L’Oreal mascara because of the price, this Tarte mascara came with the same gift set that the blush came with and it was fantastic while I had it- my lashes weren’t too clumpy and this mascara really lengthened the look of my lashes!

3.) Sephora Collection Perfecting Eye Primer [$14]: The best thing about this primer? The price. It performs similarly to Urban Decay’s primer and costs way less. It lasts me about 5 -6 months.

4.)  Smashbox Contour Palette [$45]: I’m behind the game a little bit on contouring. All those diagrams online looked so intimidating! When I finally got up the nerve to try it late last year, I was pointed to this kit at Sephora and have really liked it so far! It came with the angled powder brush pictured and is really easy to blend and apply. The package came with an insert as well with diagrams to go with different face shapes so that it’s pretty easy to learn. I am very happy with this purchase and now feel silly that I was scared in the first place.

5.) Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Tinted Pressed Finishing Powder [$34]: I initially got this powder as a sample, but after trying it a few times I decided to get it! I like that it provides a little extra coverage on top of my liquid foundation. I’m not sure that I will exclusively use this instead of a cheaper translucent powder as it didn’t last as long as I was expecting it to, but it was definitely fun to try.

6.) Urban Decay Naked2[$54]: This palette and the one below are probably my most favorite products. They are long lasting, versatile, and highly pigmented. This one can be used to create both everyday and smokey eye looks, and work really well with my blue eyes! It is also the more shimmery of the two, so if you aren’t a fan of shimmer, go with either Naked1 or the NakedBasics palette.

7.) Urban Decay Naked [$54]: While the same positive qualities are true of this one, I like that the original Naked has a lot more muted colors and more neutrals. My only complaint is the packaging doesn’t seem as solid as the Naked2 as it’s held closed by a magnet.

8.) Eyeko Fat Liquid Eyeliner [$18]: I got this liner as a sample during my short lived run with Birchbox (long story short, my husband and I are each able to pick one monthly subscription to be budget-friendly and I realized that I’d get more use and value out of the Scribd subscription) and it was the best product that I got from them– the sample has lasted me a few months! I liked that it was easy to apply and that it created a clean, dark line without looking too heavy. I’d love to get this again.

9.) Sephora Collection 10 Hour Wear Perfection Collection [$20]: This stuff is another one of my favorite products. It is a medium-coverage liquid foundation that lasts for a good 3-4 months when applied daily, and I don’t have any complaints with it. As a bonus, the lady that did my makeup for our wedding told me that all Sephora brand cosmetics are made in the same facility as Dior, so it’s pretty much the same thing with a different labeling. Hurray for generics!

What are some of your favorite makeup products? Have you tried any of the ones that I mentioned?




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