I don’t start work until Monday so I’ve had some extra time on my hands to get things done. I’ve knitted (things should be added to my etsy shop soon!), read a book, taken naps, done a LOT of laundry, cleaned up around the house, and baked. It’s been like my own mini spring break!

I first made this Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake from Sally’s Baking Addiction on Valentine’s Day to surprise Nate because he’s a h u g e cookie fanatic. He LOVED it and recently requested it again–and it’s rare for him to ask for specific baking recipes. I had trouble finding the exact recipe again so there was a massive cookie disaster last week, but today I had the correct recipe to begin with and it turned out beautifully! The smell of baking cookies wafting through the house while it’s snowing outside is such a lovely thing. 🙂

To make the recipe dairy-free friendly, one can use Earth Balance’s Buttery Spread or Baking Sticks and dairy-free chocolate chips. Enjoy!