shopping trip // tjmaxx

I went shopping at TJMaxx today in an attempt to find some more business casual options for work as the temperatures rise…with limited success, as per usual when trying to find small enough clothes. However, I am excited about what I got!

JO*CO grey shirt: I have a black shirt from them and love the cut, feel of the fabric, and how versatile it is. I  can wear this with any colored pant and dress it up with jewelry or scarves.

Gaze USA floral top: I love the floral pattern with this! It will be easy to pair with black pants (or leggings, if I’m not at work). I could also try it with my lavender pants to add more wardrobe options.

Bleuh Ciel black lacey shorts: These are obviously not for work. But I think they’ll get a lot of use in afternoons and weekends aaaand during our trip to Mexico. 🙂 I have a pair of cream lace shorts last year and loved them!

Precision Beauty Pro Blending Sponge: I’ve heard great things about beauty blenders but was having a hard time forking over the $15 for a sponge…this one was $3.99! I’m excited to see what the hype is all about.

Have you found anything great at TJMaxx lately?



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