monday, funday?

Once again, it’s Monday. It’s always such a mind game to get up and propel yourself into the week, especially after a weekend so full of friends and social activity! Poor husband left his coffee and bagel by the door, so it was a bit of a rough start.

I spent the day in front of a computer doing all kinds of social media research- it’s amazing the amount of time that it takes and the bunny trails you can find yourself down! One of the bigger challenges that I’ll have to tackle with marketing is that at a DV shelter  we don’t necessarily get to hear “success” stories because we’re there for the emergencies where the home is no longer safe, and because of our strict confidentiality policies. Where an animal shelter gets to post pictures of their puppies and pets that have been adopted, we can’t take pictures and often we won’t know what happens to our clients after they leave unless they call us to let us know. We measure our success based on clients that stay with us, or attend outreach programs, instead of end goals. I have several ideas in the works, so we’ll see how they pan out!


But anyway. Goals for the week!

  • Book the hotel for a family wedding in May. 
  • Make a set or two of boot cuffs.
  • Try to make healthy dinners at least three nights!
  • Go to the Yarn Festival with my mama if she’s able to make it.
  • L A U N D R Y. (Why does this one never end??)
  • Finish a book, write a review for the last one.
  • Grab coffee with a friend.
  • Maaaybe start sewing a skirt. I’ve seen such cute ones on other blogs and now I’m itching to make one myself!

I hope you had a great Easter weekend too! What are some of your goals for the week?




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