cold in the office? this will help // ootd

Fact about me: I’m either freezing or unbearably hot. There’s not much of an in-between for me (#hypothyroidproblems) and it could be compared to the few weeks of a Colorado spring in between winter and summer.

And my office is c h i l l y. So cold. Unfortunately for me, while I was allowed to have a space heater under my desk at the last few jobs, it’s a fire hazard in the shelter and therefore not permitted. Totally understandable…but wearing a coat all the time in the office is no fun. A giant sweater/poncho thing that functions as a blanket is most likely in the works. Anyone know of any fashionable ones?

For today, I dug out my giant LA Hearts sweater from Pac Sun (no longer in stock, from 2013)  and paired it with a black top (TJ Maxx) and red pants (Macy’s) and I stayed warm all day!

On a side note, I will be shopping for more business casual soon, the weeks tend to slide into a black pants, purple pants, red pants, dress, then Casual Friday pattern. Adding some additional pants colors in there will help. I’m also greatly anticipating summer…during the winter and early spring months I’m too cold to wear anything but boots. If anything, I’ll spin it as a testament to how versatile these boots are!

How do you stay warm in the office?? I’d love more ideas!


8 thoughts on “cold in the office? this will help // ootd

    • Kristen says:

      Hey! This week has been crazy- sorry I haven’t responded! Right now my mom and I don’t have much of a plan as far as times or anything (procrastination…) since she has to drive up from Denver. I’d hate to tell you specific times and then have to switch last minute because I know how frustrating that can be! I still hope to run into you both, sorry I can’t give more specific info right now! 😕

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  1. Brian says:

    No problem. You can call my cell if you like. I’m pretty sure well be there around 10:30 and be there til around 12 or 1230. Then we’re gong to get raising canes for lunch before heading back down south. 4807738406

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    • Kristen says:

      So sorry I missed you– didn’t end up getting there until 1PM! If you guys write up anything about it I’ll link to it in my own write up. 🙂 Hope you had fun and got some great stuff!

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      • Brian says:

        We were actually a little disappointed with the lack of crochet representation. No patterns or books or things. Got a couple yarns for the projects. Had a great time. We’ll meet up some time in the future for some hooking


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