the wind is not a river// book review

As many of you know, I’ve been using Scribd to read books for the past few months and loved it… but, as often happens when I start new services, Scribd changed their policies and it makes it less convenient. They now limit the number of books you can choose a month to three and allow “unlimited” access to their picks-so you may not like them. This may cause quite a dent in my attempt at a book a week, so we’ll see whether or not I keep the subscription!

The Wind is Not a River by Brian Payton is a story of a husband and wife and their search to find each other against the crazy odds. Stranded in Alaska after his plane goes down, John has to find a way to survive with nothing on an island controlled by Japanese forces, abandoned by the US as they assume he perished in the accident. Helen, after her husband has been gone for far too long with no word, decides to go looking for him and joins the USO to get to Alaska. Will they be reunited?

This book was a great read, and educational at that! Somehow I had never heard, nor considered, that the fight against Japanese forces in WWII would have reached Alaska as it was still a territory at the time. Literally, nothing I learned in my college history classes had mentioned anything about it, and I was a history major! I was fascinated and read the book in a matter of a few days. The ways that John and his companion had to be inventive to survive in freezing conditions for any amount of time was staggering, and his wife proved to be a strong female character that broke out of the stereotypical female roles of the 1940s. Payton’s voice was sophisticated, thought provoking, and I would definitely read other books by him in the future.


He freaking dies in surgery after being rescued and reuniting with his wife?!?! What kind of awful ending is that?! I felt like throwing the book out the window much like the scene in Silver Linings Playbook. I was that sad.

All in all, still a great read and I would highly recommend this!



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