ootd// little pops of color

Finally, we’re more than halfway through the week! After spending the day writing letters of intent and researching best practices for nonprofits on social media, I feel so brain dead…hopefully this post will be somewhat coherent. 🙂

Sometimes my work clothes end up being black on black…especially if I’ve already worn both of my colored pants that week! The lack of color is depressing and I generally avoid trying to look like a vampire. 

To try to remedy all the black, I’ll add little pops of color to warm things up. Today, I used my green cardigan (Mossimo, from forever ago ) and watermelon flats (DSW) and paired it with a  red purse. Normally I’d try to wear a dress during the week to prevent this from happening, but I’m still trying to figure out how to stay warm in the office.  I think more colored pants are going to be necessary. Only one more day until [casual] Friday! #justkeepswimming

Time to go revive myself with cat cuddles, brioche knitting, and the Gilmore Girls…

How do you incorporate little pops of color into your outfits?



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