state of wonder // book review


State of Wonder:  After her colleague and office-mate, Anders, is reported to be dead while investigating a study in the Amazon, pharmaceutical researcher Marina is sent to investigate the fertility study lead by the brilliant yet insensitive Dr. Swenson, her former teacher. Once there, she is forced to face her past and make sense of her life.

If there was ever a book that disappointed me more, I’d be hard pressed to find it. We actually started this book on a road trip to Phoenix  for New Year’s 2015 because we found the audio book at a library sale. By the end of our trip (and Phoenix is a long one), nothing had really happened in the book. Patchett has a great sense of writing and description, but boy, that does not translate well to audio because it translates to r e a l l y s l o w. Maybe I would have liked it better if I had started it in e-book format. We decided that we didn’t care enough to listen to the 7 hours left.

So skip forward a year, and it’s one of the free books in Scribd and I decide that since we’d already listened to half of it, I might as well finish it. Well. The slowish pace sped up just a little bit, was crazy fast for 20 pages near the very end, and then the ending was ruined by a few paragraphs that DID NOT need to be there. The story had a lot of potential, but it was poorly executed and the end did not do it favors. I was so irritated.

That was too much of my time wasted, hopefully you won’t make my mistakes.

Sorry for being such a downer on a Friday, but on the bright side, my next books looks much more promising!


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