little gifts // april nine

I wrote a post called little gifts a little over a month ago with the intention of making it a more regular thing (and maybe even a tag), but as you know, life gets in the way sometimes.

So here’s a few from this week…

-a new project to work on

-date night with my love

Blue Skies Winery in Fort Collins (it’s super affordable, yummy, and cute and I found out that they have a Sip ‘N Stitch Night every once in a while, so what’s not to like??)

-being able to wear shorts and not caring that my legs are still so painfully white (Swedish + Irish means that it’s hopeless to try to tan)

-getting off of work early on Fridays

-sunlight coming through the windows

-the hilarity that ensues when you lint roll your animals

-going to Costco with friends

-little brother texting me out of the blue just to say hi

-the community we have in our small group and at our church

-season 2 of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is only 6 days away!

-easy dinners

 What were your little gifts this week? 


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