glorious mashed potatoes

One of the things that I was the most sad about when I found out about my dairy allergy was missing out on my mama’s mashed potatoes– they’re practically a food group for me. Actually, that goes for almost all forms of potatoes, but her mashed potatoes border on divine. I was determined to find a substitute that would be just as wonderful. It had to be done.

Luckily, spices are still on the table, so the only ingredient that I’m not able to eat is the real butter and the sour cream. And with spices, most things are possible. Bland mashed potatoes border on criminal. (Or bland food in general, for that matter.)

Anyway. May I present to you…glorious dairy free (and gluten-free!) mashed potatoes. I’m in a carb coma.

What you’ll need:


-earth balance buttery spread (1/3 cup per 3 potatoes)

-vegetable broth or chicken broth, depending on your preference

-garlic (1 clove per two potatoes)





-onion powder

-garlic powder

-(if you can eat it) 1/4 cup goat cheese per four potatoes

How to:

  1. Wash the potatoes, and peel them only if you want to. I grew up hating peeling potatoes and once I realized that it wasn’t an absolute necessity, mashed potatoes were in my life much more often.
  2. Cut the potatoes and place them in a pot of water, then place the pot of water and potatoes on the stove on high heat to boil.
  3. Once the potatoes are soft enough to mash easily, drain the potatoes.
  4. Put the potatoes back on the stove but turn the heat down to low. Add the buttery spread and broth and stir. Add in the goat cheese if you’re able to have it.
  5. Time for spices! Add them to taste, the more the better. Tasting until you get it juuuust right is encouraged. 😉

6. Dig in! And enjoy. These potatoes pair well with rotisserie chicken, steak, baked chicken breast, Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners…or let’s face it, any time you’re craving a potato.

What are your favorite things to add to mashed potatoes?


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