lyon + post

I got my first Lyon and Post box today and I’m having way too much fun running around the house in new things that may or may not be returned…but that’s the beauty of it. 😍 Props to my husband for finding out about it and suggesting I try it! He’s great. In a nutshell, Lyon and Post is a website that allows you to put items in your queue and will ship them to you for free (with free shipping!) for you to try on for a week. This allows you to pair them with items you already have to see how well they fit in your wardrobe. You keep what you like and then you ship back what you don’t want.

The top can be found at Lyon and Posts’ website for $66. It’s a 3/4 sleeve by Zoe Karrsen.

Stay tuned for more of the items in my box! I couldn’t photograph them today because it’s snowy outside but was too excited to not share anything.

Have you ever tried Lyon and Post? What was your experience? 


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