antler hat // yarn along no. 4

Last week, I decided that I wanted to switch things up from my behemoth knit, the Marley Shawl, and do a quick little project to switch things up (I’d also just bought my interchangeable needle set, so I had to put those to good use!). After perusing Pinterest, I came across the Antler Hat on Ravelry and decided that I had to try it. It was a REALLY fast knit, only taking a few days to complete, and I love the way that cables turned out. I’m planning to add a fur pom pom to the top and then it’ll be complete! I’m thinking about creating something similar to put in my etsy shop for people to order whichever size or color they may need. In time, friends. 🙂

I’m also rather ambitious with books this week. We were supposed to fly out to Washington (which ended up being canceled) so I was prepping for a lot of travel time. Since I switch between reading and knitting while traveling, I selected a fast  and easy YA novel by John Green, Looking for Alaska as well as an audiobook, Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman to listen to when I’m knitting. I haven’t ever seen the show, but from what I’ve heard, it’s only very loosely based on the book, which is actually a memoir. So far, I’m really enjoying Kerman’s voice and writing style, and it was great to listen to while at the gym today!

Yarn Along is a link up with Small Things.

What have you been working on or reading lately?


3 thoughts on “antler hat // yarn along no. 4

  1. renitahatcher says:

    Looking for Alaska is a great book! I’ve read it twice (and I rarely re-read books) because I liked it so much 🙂


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