library day

After my grandmother, who first taught me how to knit, and JoAnn’s coupons, the most helpful tools for advancing my knitting skills have been books from the library. While Pinterest, Ravelry,  and Purl Soho are certainly helpful and utilized often, a singular pattern or article won’t go into as much depth or give you nearly as many options as a book will.

Since crafting books are not always on the cheap side, I’ve opted to haunt the library craft section for knitting and crocheting patters. It’s great that I can walk out of there with a bunch of books for free!  I am pretty picky when it comes to patterns and styles and generally end up disliking a lot of the patterns in books, but it is so worth it to find the gem patterns and to learn new stitches to make your own patterns with.

This library trip, the book I’m most excited about is the Fair Isle Motifs. I love the things that one can do with fair isle and the whimsy that comes with it.

I’m also excited about the cable book and the stuffed animal book, there are just so many possibilities!

What are your favorite knit and crochet books?


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