looking for alaska // book review

Title: Looking for Alaska

Author: John Green

Year: 2006

My Rating: 3/5

When Miles leaves for the prestigious Culver Creek boarding school, he is looking for his “Great Perhaps”. A guy with few friends at home and obsessed with last words, Miles is soon nicknamed Pudge and makes fast friends with his roommate, a classmate, and the beautiful girl down the hall. Together, they embark on their year at school, pranking their classmates, breaking the rules, and falling in love. Then…there’s after.

Review (SPOILERS): I really, really wanted to like this book. I enjoyed both Fault in our Stars and Paper Towns so perhaps my expectations were too high, but I just couldn’t get into it. Miles/Pudge was decently likeable, but he lived in the clouds too much and at times I just wanted to shake him! He treated his one actual girlfriend like dirt and kept pining for a girl he couldn’t have. There were enjoyable moments and the first half of the book was fine and adventurous, but then Alaska suddenly died and then it was just depressing and they never found out whether it was suicide or an accident so the whole trying to solve why/how she died thing was a waste. I’ve heard that a lot of people love it and I can see where that would come from, and if I was a teenager I probably would have liked it better, but for me it just wasn’t great. On to the next title!


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