As of last week, my little brother is now a high school graduate! He’s going to study film in Arizona and it is so exciting to know that his life is only beginning. It was a weekend full of family, food, garage sale-ing (it’s a big event in our family) and kittens, and it was fun to see Daniel interacting with his friends and to hang out with them. Crazy to think that all of us are grown- Daniel about to start college, Steph starting her senior year with a degree she loves, and me working and married.  I left with my heart full and my body exhausted!

So happy we could celebrate you Danno, we will definitely come visit you in college!

He’s not so little anymore! He dwarfs us.
It was SO HOT and I fried my poor pale skin. But we had fun making faces, as per usual. 😉
goofball. #godango
Our grandparents came out from Nebraska to join the party!
These are Alice’s little siblings (Bagheera and Percy), we had so much fun with the tiny kittens and I could barely contain myself.
Stephy and Beatrice looking lovely. 🙂
It is always so peaceful to be home on the ranch.