alternatives to designer clothing

I got my Lyon + Post box a few days ago and finally got around to trying things on! Here’s what was in the box (from left to right):

Cynthia Vincent- Long Cardi Mesh in Ivory $73.75

Amour Vert- Penelope in Navy $96.00

Milly- Vertical Dot Flare Dress in Navy/Ivory $450

Milly X-Back Mini Dress $355.00

Obviously, these prices are way expensive regardless of whether you purchase them through Lyon and Post or a department store. And while I would consider keeping the blue dress and top because they’re gorgeous and I’d love them for work or weddings, I can’t afford that… and I’d wager a guess that most people wouldn’t be able to either.

Soooo the sad news is that all of these will be put back in the mailbox tomorrow  BUT the good news is that I’ve found similar items for a fraction of the cost! While they in no way meet the same level of quality nor are they exact matches (you get what you pay for), they have a similar style and feel. A majority of these were found on Polyvore, which I hadn’t used before but liked a lot! The corresponding locations and prices can be found below the graphic.

Lyon and Post 2

Similar to the Cynthia Cardigan…

  1. Free People Simply Sienna Long Cardigan – $44.99 at Macy’s

2. cardigan with embroidered mesh hem– $17.99 at Maurice’s

3. In Cashmere Open Stitch Cardigan– $50 at Nordstrom Rack

The Amour Vert Top was so pretty but I knew that I could find similar shirts elsewhere for a more budget-friendly price. Similar to the Amour Vert top…

4. BCX Juniors’ Three-Quarter Sleeve Lace Back Blouse– $21.99 at Macy’s

5. Uniqlo 3/4 Sleeve Blouse -$ 14.49 on Thred UP (second-hand, but I don’t have a problem with that.)

6. Falling in Puppy Love Tunic in Dogs-$44.99 Modcloth

I loved the Milly Dot Flare Dress (so did my husband!) but I just couldn’t swing the price. It was difficult to find something that came close but I found a few contenders that captured the feel of the dress. Similar to the Milly Vertical Dot Flare Dress:

7. Lapel Cat Print Dress by Romwe – $14.99

8. Sara Boo Romantic Navy Lace Dress $36.49 on

9. Blue Vanilla Navy Check Skater Dress $38 on New Look

Similar to Milly X Back Mini Dress–I was only able to find two and it was not easy to find! The Milly version definitely beat everything else out that I was able to find. Unfortunately, it didn’t fit me well and kept falling off of my shoulders!

10. ONLY Daria Wrap Dress – $55.00 on

11. “Piper” Woven Cocktail Dress – $69.99 on

Happy shopping friends!

What are your tips for shopping for designer look alikes?






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