knitters beware: cancun 

We had an amazing time in Playa del Carmen, Mexico a few weeks ago! We’re still getting back into the swing of things–faster pace of life, not speaking Spanish, and wearing clothes instead of swimsuits– so I haven’t posted more photos yet. However, I do have a bit of knitting advice for my fellow travelers.

I haven’t had much trouble flying with knitting needles domestically, so I assumed that flying to and from Mexico would be the same. Getting to Mexico was. I happily knitted on the plane and went on my merry way, even bringing two sizes from my recently purchased interchangeable needle set.

But. While you can leave the country with your American needles, Mexico will not let you return with them. Nosiree.  Never mind that they were allowed into the country, you cannot take them back with you. No, they will not work with you. (Which makes me wonder…how many knitters have gone rogue and sprinted down an airplane aisle to stab someone with a needle? We’re generally  peaceful creatures, right?)

I tried to explain to them that the needles had come from an expensive set, and showed them my yarn. My husband even exclaimed “she’s tiny! She couldn’t do anything with those…my pens are sharper than this!” They continued to shake their heads despite my pleading in halting Spanish (“son muuuuuy caros!!”) and said we could either go through and check our carry-on (which wasn’t an option because our laptops were inside) or they’d toss it. Right as we were thinking someone tossed it before we were able to make a decision. I made some sort of squealing noise so the offender was told to dig through the trash for it. While they were doing that I decided that it wasn’t worth the hassle of trying to pay for anther one and walked away, losing two interchangeable needle sets and two sets of double pointed needles.

…and that’s how I ended up angry crying in the airport.

Do you have any other tips (0r places to avoid) while traveling with your projects? Please share below!


9 thoughts on “knitters beware: cancun 

  1. Marjolein says:

    I know that most European airlines and airport security also don’t allow knitting needles and crochet hooks as carry-on luggage. I’m starting to think the US might actually be the exception to the rule…


      • Marjolein says:

        I know! I had a 10 hour flight with KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) and I checked with them to see whether I could take my knitting along, but the answer was no. So frustrating. Less than actually having to hand in your knitting gear though. I can completely understand the angry crying! And when you’re just taking them back home too!

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  2. knitigatingcircumstances says:

    I never travel with a needle I’m not willing to give up. Save the fancy needles for when you are home. I also always check a bag, and have an extra needle in the checked bag and a lifeline in my knitting, so I can just pull the needle out and toss it if need be at security. And if a checked bag makes no sense, then I load my kindle with lots of books and forego the knitting for a bit (gasp!).

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