landline // book review

Title: Landline18081809

Author: Rainbow Rowell

Pages:  310

My rating: 4/5

Georgie McCool has been given the chance of a lifetime with her best friend, Seth. After working their way through sub-par sitcoms and dreaming of creating one of their own, they finally have the chance to meet with someone…but it’s in six days. And they need to write four additional scripts. Did I mention that it’s Christmas and she already has tickets to fly to Omaha with her husband, Neil, and daughters? Neil does not react well to the news that she has to work over the holiday, even though this is the chance she’s been waiting for. He’s been feeling that Georgie hasn’t been involved and he’s sick of it. This is the last straw. He and the girls leave Georgie in LA while they continue on with their plans to go to Omaha and leave her behind.  Georgie stays behind to work on her script and gets increasingly stressed as her communication with Neil– and quite possibly her marriage– break down. One night, she somehow finds a way to communicate with Neil in the past, the Neil of 1988, the week before he proposed. Can she fix what she’s broken?I really enjoyed this book and thought it would be perfect for a beach or vacation read! Georgie was a character who had such relate-able families, emotions, and reactions and it was written better than I had expected it to be based on the synopsis. I loved each character’s quirks and this was a great book to listen to. I feel like I can’t say much more for fear of giving something away–just read it! 🙂

I have really loved listening to audio-books while getting ready in the morning and driving.  Any suggestions for the next one?


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