the great gatsby // book review

Title: The Great Gatsby

Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Pages: 180

My rating: 3.7/5

Synopsis: When Nick Carraway moves to Long Island, he’s thrust into the world of socialites, roaring parties, and the love of a certain Jay Gatsby for his cousin, Daisy. One of the great classics of the 20th century, this story is considered to be Fitzgerald’s crowning achievement.

My review: I finished the first of my summer TBR list!! Honestly, I SO wish that I had read this in high school when a teacher would have pointed out all of the symbolism that was put into this book, because as I read it as an adult with no prior experience, all I knew was that there was a lot of symbolism in it, and that I could pick out some of the larger pictures…but had no idea what it meant! I’ll be doing some research for sure. That being said, I still really enjoyed the book and it was one of the easiest classics I’ve ever read on my own, being second only to Of Mice and Men. It was so fun to read this after reading Z last summer, about Fitzgerald’s wife, because it made me feel like I knew part of the story behind the story.

Also, how sad is it that we have a cat named Gatsby (my husband named him right before we met) and had never read this? In the days since finishing the book I’ve started calling him “old sport” (yes, I think I’m funny haha!). Definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a quick, classic read this summer.


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