after you // book review

Title: After You
Author: JoJo Moyes
Pages: 353
My Rating: 3.5/5

Synopsis: (SPOILERS AHEAD if you haven’t read Me Before You)
It’s been 18 months since Will’s death and Louisa Clark feels like she hasn’t done anything with her life as he wanted. Sure, she lived in Paris for a little while and moved to London, but she’s spent the money left to her on a flat and works in a bar in an airport, where she’s forced by her crazy boss to wear an Irish dancing costume with a WIG and to clean the Men’s restrooms. At the request of her father, she attends a grief support group once a week, but she feels like she can’t tell the truth about Will and that she doesn’t quite belong. One night, she’s involved in an accident that not only introduces her to new people, but forces her to face what’s becoming of her life.

Quote: “Just because you’re moving on doesn’t mean that you forgot him.”

Review: While “After You” wasn’t nearly as gripping as “Me Before You”, it was great to see how Louisa’s personality was shaped and changed by Will’s death and the aftermath– how she handled the stigma of being involved, how she felt like a failure to follow through with what she felt he wanted her to, and how much her world had been shaken by knowing Will. (SPOILERS) When Lily shows up at her doorstep, my first thought was that adding an unknown daughter was so cliche, but then after getting to know her it really added another layer of depth into the story. It was also nice to see that Louisa was able to move on with another man and find out where she wanted to be. All in all, it was a good end cap to her story and left me feeling satisfied and hopeful for her future.


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