lavender farm!

We were in the Salt Lake area for my husband’s family reunion last week, and decided to take a little detour to Young Living’s Lavender Farm since we aren’t in the area very often! I wanted to see it because of my own love for Young Living…and who wouldn’t want to go smell a ton of lavender?

I was surprised to see that it was an entire event center with a farm, old time-y buildings, and a large arena for rodeos. They even had bison, a pregnant camel, cows, horses, and ponies. Since we had driven from Colorado we got there after the last tour of the distillery left but they were more than happy to let us traipse around the property at will.

The camel was so pregnant you could see her baby moving around inside…and since she was standing close to the fence we were able to feel it too! Such a cool thing.

I should have taken a photo of the shop as well but I forgot to– it had literally everything that you could buy online in one room! It was so fun to be able to sample things and to see their products in real life before purchasing them. I bought Lavender (my favorite, and what else do you buy when at a lavender farm?!), Endoflex Vitality, and one of their travel cases so that my little bottles aren’t clinking around my purse all the time.

The visit definitely deepened my love for Young Living and their products- getting to see their Seed to Seal Promise in action was so cool and everyone we talked to was so kind! It is so inspiring to see a company committed to quality and health.

If you’re ever interested in getting involved with Young Living or have any questions, I’d be happy to talk to you!

Have you ever visited the farm? What are your favorite uses for essential oils?



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