blackbird house // book review

Title: Blackbird House

Author: Alice Hoffman

Pages: 238

My rating: 4/5

Synopsis: A tapestry of chapters weaves the story of a farmhouse on the cape of Massachusetts and the various families shaped by it.

Quote: “He thought about how love could move you in ways you wouldn’t have imagined, one foot in front of the other, even when you thought you had nothing left inside.”  

Review: Alice Hoffman creates living, breathing stories. I was so impressed with her book The Museum of Extraordinary Things and this one was another crazy good book! I loved the concept of having the house be the central character instead of a person, and she tied the short stories together beautifully. I’m normally one to prefer novels instead of short stories, but with the central theme of the house and the white blackbird and other “characters” such as the sweet peas and the pears, the book was more cohesive than your average short story collection. I highly enjoyed it and will be reading more of her novels!


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