hello, old foe

It turns out that you can’t knit like a machine, practice for a violin duet, and type grants out the wazoo with a history of tendonitis and not have it return. Such a bummer! I had it for about a year in high school following my participation in the pit orchestra, normal orchestra and violin lessons all at the same time (nerd alert). I guess the blessing in it originally being in my left hand because of this that writing things by hand is still no problem.

I’m wearing a wrist brace for the time being and trying to slow down, does anyone have any suggestions for how to heal quickly??



2 thoughts on “hello, old foe

  1. Olivia says:

    Awe, I feel back for you. Advil works great but so does rest and a splint. Both are not conducive to getting anything done. Time to sit back and smell the flowers (or binge watch Netflix shows, lol).

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