ootd // summer dress

I realized the other day that it had been a while since I’ve posted an outfit of the day. It’s likely because I like my summer style so much less! I’m much more of a sweaters, layers, boots, and scarves kind of lady. At work, my clothing is simpler  and then I live in PJ or yoga shorts and a tank top once I get home–even though it’s not very flattering, without air conditioning it’s too hot to wear anything else!!

However, I found this cute little dress and belt at Forever 21 over the weekend for only $14.80 and can already tell it’ll become a simple staple in my wardrobe- easy in the summer and can be transformed with leggings and boots in the fall and winter! I paired it with my Carlos Sandles and black Enough About Me cardigan.

 It would be lovely if Forever 21 could make its way to Northern Colorado…

Do you have troubles with your wardrobe in the summer too? How do you beat the heat?


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