weekend 7.17

This week was a doozy. On our way back from a lovely week with friends, one of the hoses that connected the coolant to the radiator (I’m actually not sure which one it was, you’d have to ask my husband haha) burst while we were on I-25. We had to get it towed to a nearby WalMart parking lot and an amazing friend came to pick us up. The next day, then we missed work to drive back down to go fix it (husband is really great with cars, and for that I am so thankful) and in the midst of that I got one of the worst migraines I’d ever had! So not great. We were finally informed that we had the wrong information about insurance and that we did indeed have the coverage to get it towed all the way home…so after it turned out that the newly replaced hose was not the only problem with my dear car we called it quits, got a tow truck, and went home where I promptly slept for the rest of the evening.

We shared a single car for the rest of the week, and while it’s a bummer, it’s actually kind of nice to get to see each other in the morning and talk about the day right after we have it. Gotta look on the bright side! Needless to say, after all the logistics of the week we were so looking forward to the weekend!

And we had such a good time! It was the first time we had been home for the whole weekend in awhile and it was so lovely! We slept in (a little too) late on Saturday morning and then slowly woke up and drank coffee. I worked on my optic blanket and hubby worked in the garage, and then we went to the Arcadian Wild house show in Lakewood. If you haven’t checked them out before, do it here! They are so crazy talented and such sweet individuals. Since it was such a small show, we got to meet them and talk with them for a while and they have wonderful souls–which was exactly as we’d expected given their music. 🙂

Today, we finally got to use our kayaks! We got them as a hand me down nearly two years ago and hadn’t gotten the chance to use them as we don’t have a roof rack…but finally figured out a cheap-o version (aka 4 pool noodles and ratchet straps) to go up to Horsetooth. We took some of our dearest friends and had a blast! We will definitely try to go up as often as possible before summer’s end. Then I was able to take a lavender bath with some rosé wine and Harry Potter.  So relaxing.

For this week:

-cook a healthy dinner each night

-buy a new air  mattress for camping next weekend

-research teaching piano to beginners (I might have a student!!)

-finish at least two squares on the optic blanket, perhaps start a few new hat patterns

-find a new TV show on Netflix (Gilmore Girls is almost over 😦 )

-finish The Prisoner of Azkaban and write a review

-write a recipe for crockpot curry

I hope you all had relaxing weekends! What are your goals for the week?




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