harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban // book review

Title: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkabanhttps://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/b4/Harry_Potter_and_the_Prisoner_of_Azkaban_(US_cover).jpg

Author: JK Rowling

Pages: 435

Synopsis: As Harry prepares to leave for his third year at Hogwarts, the wizarding world is shocked by the news that Sirius Black (a loyal servant of you-know-who) has escaped from Azkaban. As its rumored that he’s trying to finish Harry off, Dementors are sent to surround Hogwarts, much to the chagrin of Dumbledore. Harry and his friends try to resume life as usual, although Hermoine has doubled her schedule and Griffyndor is struggling to win the house cup.

Quote: “You think the dead we loved truly ever leave us? You think that we don’t recall them more clearly in times of great trouble?”

Review: Admittedly, this was my first time actually reading a Harry Potter book. I know. I wasn’t allowed to read it when I was little and then as I got older and was allowed to I just wasn’t that interested. However, reading it for the first time as an adult, I feel like I’m able to better appreciate the creativity that isn’t seen in real life very often. I’ve listened to the first two books and seen the movies. I really enjoyed reading it–even though it took me longer than I expected it to! I’m super impressed with Rowling’s writing and the world that she created. I’ll probably space the books out a little bit so that I can get through library books before their holds are expired…and buying the whole set at a garage sale for $10 made waiting on these bit easier (see?? There’s perks to not buying it when it comes out! 😉 ).

Which Harry Potter book is your favorite?


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