the nest review title

the nest // book review

Title: The Nest

Author: Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney

Pages: 346

My rating: 3.5/5

Synopsis: The Plumb siblings were used to their wealthy mother’s eccentricities, including her stipulation that their trust fund, called “the nest” by all four of them, was not to be used until the youngest’s 40th birthday. As the siblings matured in age, they all relied on the expected windfall– each for their own specific reasons. Jack needed help with a bad and secret investment so that he wouldn’t have to sell his and his husband’s summer home, Melody needed tuition for her twin girls and to make her mortgage payments just a little bit more manageable, Bea was a one-time successful author that had been suffering from a bad case of writer’s block for years. But when their eldest brother, Leo (the drug addict in the process of divorcing his spendthrift wife) gets in an accident, their mother uses the money in The Nest to bail him out– and throws all of their best laid plans, and thus their lives, out of balance.

Quote: “Nothing was a sure thing; every choice was just an educated guess, or a leap into a mysterious abyss. People might not change but their incentives could.”

Review: I had first heard of this book because of emails from Book of the Month club (I’m not a part of it but I like seeing what they choose each month) and saw that it had been raved about by both Ellie Kemper and Amy Poehler. Since I’m a fan of their humor, I thought that was endorsement enough. But despite their glowing reviews, I found it difficult to get into the book. While I fully understood why all the ground had to be laid at the beginning (lots of characters with their own stories to converge), at the begining it was hard to see how it was all going to come together and switching from character to character got tiring. (Admittedly, this opinion may be influenced by my difficulties staying awake when I read in the summer!) Once the book picked up speed and stories grew more complex, it became much more enjoyable and I thought that it was a well written story. The stories came together and ended in a satisfying manner so that’s always a win in my eyes!



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