To say life has been busy lately would be an understatement. Between taking on more responsibilities at work in-between supervisors and thus, more hours, still sharing a car with my husband, my grandmother’s health failing rapidly, and the usual summer run-around, I’m feeling exhausted and drained of writing inspiration. And yet, there are still joyful moments in the midst of everything. I am so thankful for daily graces!

All that to say, this is why posts have been further spaced and my knitting/reading has slowed. But! I wanted to share some of my recent favorites with all of you-they’re worth knowing about. 🙂

  1. The Pom Pom Maker by Clover is a wonderful invention and I have no idea how I hadn’t thought to get this earlier. I have struggled with making the pom poms on my hats even and fluffy at the same time (so much yarn has gone into the trash) and in just one try, this nifty thing fixed it.
  2. Mobile coupons to Michael’s and JoAnne’s craft stores. Since finding this a year or so ago, I haven’t paid full price for an entire purchase! I hate physical coupons because they make you think that you can save money  and then you get to the store  and remember that it’s on the kitchen counter. These ones are mobile so I’m able to access them as I wait in line.  I’m also enjoying the fact that Michael’s has a frequent shopper card, it has made things even cheaper. JoAnne’s needs to get with the program and let all of their frequent shoppers sign up.
  3.  Call the Midwife on Netflix. If you like good writing, strong female characters, history, and Downton Abbey, you’ll love this show. I’ve been enjoying it as I knit!
  4. Hoopla, a streaming service for audiobooks, movies, tv shows, and music that’s totally FREE as long as your local library has a subscription to it. I’m currently listening to Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchman and quite enjoying myself. Book review to come soon!
  5. Ipsy! I signed up for ipsy last month and have been so thrilled with both getting a package of makeup goodies monthly, but also the value. You generally get a makeup bag as well as 4-5 items personalized to your preferences.

What have you been enjoying lately?