When I first started knitting, my materials were all haphazardly purchased and stored as I needed them! However, now that I’m [just a little] more organized, I thought I’d share some of the things I use, or need, the most to help those who are just starting out. Read on for some of my favorites.

Boye Interchangeable Needle Kit

Though a few of my needles were tragically taken away in the Cancun Airport, this kit continues to be one of my most utilitzed tools. It has been used to create hats, blankets, and shawls! I love that it means that I don’t have to go out and buy a new pair of needles for every project. DPNs are a different story…

This kit or similar can be purchased at a local craft store and can often be purchased at a deep discount with coupons.

 Michael’s / Joann’s Coupons

Do not EVER go to Michael’s or JoAnn’s without a coupon. They constantly have 20-50% off coupons that can be such a game changer for knitting affordably! Generally these coupons can be applied to one item so I’d recommend that if you’re buying something expensive (like the needles above), you do a separate transaction with just that item so that you know that the coupon is being applied to the thing you need discounted. I look them up on my phone right before check out and they can scan it off of the screen- easiest couponing ever!

 Knitting Needle Gauge

I have yet to get one of these but they’ve been on my wishlist for a long time. I need one of these things so that I can tell which DPNs or straight needles are which!

 Binder for purchased patterns

I’ve only bought a few patterns so far, but it is a game changer being able to put a pattern in a sheet protector/binder combo and be able to move it around without fear of ruining it! I bent up a few patterns pretty badly before I figured this one out. It also ensures that you are less likely to lose the pattern- instead of a few sheets of paper it’s in a binder.

Tape measure

I didn’t get one until a few weeks ago and now can’t figure out why I didn’t get one sooner! It makes figuring out the gauge of your yarn and how big something actually is so much easier! I have an adorable lamb one from the Loopy Ewe, a local shop, but they can be found at most craft stores.


When I need to look up a type of stitch, how to do something, or can’t remember how many stitches something is supposed to have, Pinterest is my best friend. It has so many cheat sheets on there and I’m able to find just about everything that I need. YouTube is also great for this. Sometimes you have to be able to see something in pictures or on a video in order for it to click.

Knit Stitch Dictionary & Fair Isle Dictionary

If you have any interest at all in creating your own patterns without repeating the knit stitch a billion times, these books are for you. I love the versatility that they add to my work- a fair isle pattern or cable can completely change the look of your work and make it all your own.

Netflix or Podcasts

I’m not good at sitting and knitting without something else to occupy my mind, so I usually have Netflix (Hello, Gilmore Girls) or a Podcast on while I work. Is anyone else out there like this? Some of my favorite podcasts include Stuff Mom Never Told You, Stuff You Missed in History Class, Criminal, Serial, and Generation Why.

Yarn Storage

While you obviously need yarn to knit, it’s also essential to have somewhere (or many somewheres) to put your yarn! While mine is often strewn across the living room (real talk), I do have a couple of clear totes that I keep in the hall closet and a box on the coffee table to try to contain it.

What are your knitting essentials?