Happy New Year, lovelies! I am so ready for a fresh start and for 2016 to come to an end, it was a year full of change- some good, and a lot of it hard.

For 2017…


  • design work (both professionally and knitting-wise)
  • Etsy sales (hopefully!)
  • joy
  • growth, both personally and professionally
  • quiet times and a focus on my faith


  • being hard on myself for having to say “no” in order to be kind to my health
  • worry
  • procrastinating (hello, laundry and thank you, grocery delivery)


  • read 2 books per month (once I started working full-time, my goal last year of reading a book a week quickly became unrealistic!) Audiobooks count.
  • learn more about photoshop, indesign, and start learning illustrator
  • write one blog post per week
  • attend one craft fair this year (maybe in the fall?)

What are your goals for 2017?