the striped hat saga

As you all may have seen on some of my recent Instagram posts, I’ve been a beanie knitting maniac when it comes to fair isle designs and cables. So, when my husband asked asked me to do *simple* stripes in Broncos colors a few weeks ago, I was like, oh hey, this will be a cakewalk! I finished the hat using my normal beanie pattern in only a few hours and gleefully added a pom pom. All was well…until he put the hat on.

It was super slouchy and not terribly flattering. He was a trooper and still wore it to the Broncos game, but I feel like I need to make him one that actually looks like the other, better quality, stuff I make.  It’s on the list. 

Then, I got a custom order from a good friend, asking for matching striped beanies for herself and her baby. Since I felt like I had identified the problem as using a smaller needle for the ribbing than the rest of the hat, I thought I’d be fine, it would be whipped up in a few hours, and they’d soon be enjoying their adorable teal beanies.


Yeah…nope. Every time I make it with the same dimensions, gauge, needle size, and basic hat pattern, it ends up looking like a pudgy muffin top. The only thing I’ve changed is that it isn’t fair isle or cables! I can’t figure out why this is happening, and I’ve frogged entire hats 2 times now.  It’s been so frustrating to have something that should be way easier than other things that I’ve worked on recently be way harder. How?!

After researching, I’ve decided to go to the guidance of Purl Soho and try, try again. They have yet to let me down, so fingers crossed!

Has this ever happened to you? How did you solve the problem?


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