january favorites

It’s so hard to believe that January is already gone! In a month, we’ve closed on our house, moved, I got a job offer, and we’re starting to settle down. *finally*  Here’s to hoping that life gets less complicated and more settled in the next month!

Click List from King Soopers: When you move to a small town that only has a small family market, you start looking for other avenues of grocery shopping, cause ain’t nobody got time to go after work (or if you do, you hate it). Luckily, I didn’t have to look far…even if we can’t get groceries delivered to our house in our zip code, we CAN have them do the shopping for us and then we pick it up, FOR FREE. Basically, all I have to do is order my groceries online, and then husband drives through the line and they put the groceries in his trunk. It’s like takeout for groceries! I love that it also allows husband and I to divide the grocery store chore as well instead of one of us traipsing up and down the aisles; I order it and he picks it up. Super simple. If you live near a store that does it, take advantage of this.

L’Oreal Color Vibrancy Intensive Shampoo/Conditioner/ Ultra Recovery Mask : I received these in the mail for free in return for an honest review, and I was definitely more impressed with them than I thought I would be!  I dye my own hair since its natural color is akin to a field mouse, and in conjunction with thyroid issues this leaves my hair so dry and brittle. Using the Shampoo/Conditioner combo has helped my hair to look more vibrant and healthy, and the mask, while making my hair softer, also gives me an excuse to stay in the shower longer. :p

Marmalead: I realized this month that, duh, SEO applies to Etsy as well, and my lack of effort in the SEO world of my shop is a large part of why I’m not getting many sales from people that I don’t already know! While the $19/month charge seems steep at this point, it has really helped me to re-vamp my listings and to rank on search pages in the top 100 instead of the top…1,000? I love that it is able to analyze keywords quickly and against each other to weed out the less popular and to cut down on the research time. We’ll see how it helps in the future!

“My Favorite Murder”: While their near-constant stream of profanity is not for everyone (ie do not listen to this with your kids), Karen and Georgia behind My Favorite Murder are now the friends I wish I had.  I’ve always been fascinated yet terrified of true crime since my mom gave me the book “The Bone Detectives” at age 10, and now that I’m not working with lawyers and don’t get to hear about cases often this is a great substitute. While it’s not necessarily factual like the guys from “Generation Why” (which I also love), it’s certainly entertaining, and it’s a great thing to have on while commuting or doing chores. My husband is even willing to listen to it since they’re telling stories and just having a conversation!

I’d also like to add that if you’re moving as an adult, hire movers to make life easier. They are soooo worth it. We used Alpine Moving Company for our move and they were great! We got everything moved with their help and with the help of our friends in only two trips and the movers had all of our furniture into the new house in three hours.

What were some of your favorites from this month?


2 thoughts on “january favorites

  1. Olivia says:

    I spent 10 days in Colorado this January skiing at Purgatory where I lived for a ski season as a teen. It snowed every day so I didn’t get to see those beautiful Needles and Engineer Mt until we flew back toward Dallas. Every time we go to Colorado to ski I am blown away at how incredible and majestic the Rockies are.

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