the grownup // book review

Title: The Grownup,204,203,200_.jpg

Author: Gillian Flynn

Pages: 69 (or an hour and a half on audiobook)

Stars: 3/5

Synopsis: A young con woman has been getting herself through life in survival mode through various methods of fraud since she was a little girl–her latest con is fortune telling and aura reading. One day, Susan shows up, claiming that she needs help with her spooky old house and managing her sociopathic stepson, Miles. Her husband is often gone and she feels alone in dealing with everything. Seeing another opportunity to make an easy buck, the main character offers to do a series of “cleanses” in the house while waiting to see whether or not the situation resolves on its own…*spoiler ahead* but soon, she can’t tell whether or not she is the con artist, or the one being conned.

My Review: This story got very mixed reviews and I wonder if I had a better opinion of it because I listened to it? It only took 1.5 hours to finish so it was the better part of a morning, it didn’t feel like I lost very much time on it. I have always enjoyed Flynn’s books and this one felt very similar as the voice was unmistakably hers. However, I felt like the book was SO MUCH build-up for what would be a “wait, what?” ending. I actually had to google it at the end to see if that was really it! There was definitely the twist but I feel like there was so much more to be said about the characters and the book ended where a beginning should be.

I would definitely not recommend this for young teens– the main character has been in sex work for awhile and is not shy in talking about it. Overall, this was a quick and entertaining short story in audio-book form, so the next time you’re stuck in traffic or on the treadmill, give it a try! It definitely made the morning go by quickly.


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