march favorites

It’s crazy how blogging can get low on your list of priorities and then BAM, it’s a week into April and you haven’t completed even the favorites post!

March was pretty full of settling into the routine of a new job, which, for an introvert like me, is a feat in and of itself! I’m not used to a position with so many meetings, but it’s stretching in a good way. I am so happy in this new role with its responsibilities and the level of trust that my supervisors already display. It’s definitely feeling like a career job instead of a “starter” job, for which I am so thankful. We were also crazy busy trying to find a subletter for our old duplex, which we finally did on March 31! Showing a house you live 20 minutes away from to people who may or may not be interested is a huge job.

Also in March, my dad had back surgery (he’s still in recovery but doing well), I sprained my tailbone (which led to some very awkward sitting and a lot of jokes about my “butt hurt” haha), and got started with a functional medicine doctor, which I’m super excited about! Going to the root of your medical problems seems to be a no-brainer to me, and the method of testing and re-testing your levels during the process is comforting. I’m excited to start feeling healthy- at this point healthy for me is often accompanied by “what’s that?”.

Here’s to April, one of my most favorite months!

In the meantime…here’s some favorites from March:

Kelly & Katie Flynn Tote: Now that I’m lugging my laptop from work to home and then the other way around, I quickly found out that I needed a larger tote! Carrying two plus lunch was not a successful way for a clumsy girl to carry things in, and the appearance of moving into the office every morning was something I wanted to avoid. I first checked at  Target but was disappointed in the quality for the price, and not many of them would fit a 15″ laptop without looking like a diaper bag. In a moment of genius (which doesn’t happen often), I remembered that DSW had a large wall of totes! I talked Nate into going with me and found this bag very quickly. It’s big, stylish, leather, and fits EVERYTHING, all for the friendly price of $39.99!

PIE! Somehow, March became the month in which I was determined to make an applepie, and make pies I did! I found these recipes from Audrey’s Apron for both the crust and the filling and the first few weeks of the month were filled with glorious noms. (Word to the wise, trying to make the crust gluten-free isn’t terribly successful.)

  Birkenstocks: March was unusually warm and I no longer felt comfortable in my boots…so I went on the sandal hunt. I had heard good things about Birkenstocks from friends and remembered that my mama had a trusty pair of them when I was young– FOR YEARS. Since I wanted something √ durable √ comfortable √ good for work, home and errands √ decently cute, they seemed to fit the bill. I was nervous about the price tag but after wearing them for a few weeks, I can say that they are worth.every.penny. These have quickly become a staple in my wardrobe and I love that I can wear them with pretty much everything– and they are SO comfy! While they are definitely an investment…think of it as an investment in your happiness.

The Purrrcast: I am not afraid to say that I am a total cat person, and when I found out 11850551_876944905718267_5176583035998351857_othat Steven Ray Morris of My Favorite Murder fame has a podcast solely dedicated to talking to people about their cats, I was intrigued. (Of course, it helped that there was a blurb about him from Oprah, so you know it had to be at least okay!) While I don’t think that I’d be able to sit and just listen to it without doing anything else, it is nice to have on while puttering around the house. If you like cats and talking about cats, this is for you. 🙂

What were some of your favorites from March?


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