april favorites [2017]

I feel like I say this every month, but can y’all believe that it’s nearly May?! It’s especially hard to believe as snow is falling outside and it’s cold enough that the kitties stay close by and snuggle instead of roaming around outside.

I’m planning on putting my shop in vacation mode starting May 1 in order to build up some stock over the summer and to be ready for fall (and Christmas) orders! It’s exciting to have a break in which I can learn to create new things and work on more summer-oriented knits. I’m finishing up the lightweight Marley shawl, which has been a work in progress for awhile, and bought the yarn to make the Catch & Release cardigan yesterday.


Here are some favorites from April…The Loopy Ewe: this is the largest local yarn shop that I have been able to find in Fort Collins, and I am so bummed I didn’t find it before! It’s tucked upstairs above a shopping district on Harmony Road and it has SO much beautiful yarn and fabric! I spent a good 45 minutes in there just looking at all the pretty yarn and the possibilities.

LuLaRoe leggings: While as a general rule I really dislike pyramid schemes and having a tupperware/makeup/candles/travel/whatever party in which everything costs 2 or 3 times as much as you could find at Target, a friend of mine was hosting one and I had won a pair of free leggings by commenting on a FB event post soooo I went, ’cause who can beat 2 for 1 leggings? I was pleasantly surprised by how soft they were and how much I love wearing them! They were the perfect thing to wear on the plane out to Chicago and it was funny how many people have commented on them– they are BOLD.

Creative Market: I’ve been using Creative Market for months now but haven’t mentioned them before so here it is! They have a ton of fonts, vectors, photos, and brushes for graphic designers and give away 5 (of their selection) each week! It’s been such a great find for work and they also have a super helpful blog when it comes to graphic design and marketing.

The Can’t Cook Cookbook: I am a fairly good cook, but when this cookbook found its way to us I loved all of her ideas and how she breaks down each recipe to be manageable and non-scary! I think even for seasoned cooks, sometimes the long lists of ingredients can be daunting. This book utilizes things that I already have in my pantry and makes some seriously tasty dishes- we’ve probably made her one-pot chicken  and rice at least 5 times already!

Chicago: I had the opportunity to go to Chicago for a conference this month and got to explore the city for juuuuust a little bit on an afternoon and to go to a Cubs game. It is such a cool city and now I want to go back with my husband! There are so many museums and tours and places to see.

What were your favorites this month, friends?



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