Hello hello!

Confession: I’ve been lugging my knit projects to and fro in a plastic ziplock bag. And my needles frequently bust through, leaving me with a pretty janky looking system.

I’ve been eyeing other Etsy shops and their lovely pattern bags and loved the idea of having something actually pretty to carry my stuff in without having to worry about tangled yarn! (Case in point: I spent 10 minutes untangling my socks yarn from my purse today) I’m also toying with the idea of selling them for fellow makers as taking your yarn with you is pretty much a given, amiright?

Anyway. After perusing Pinterest, I came up with a basic idea and headed to the Loopy Ewe to get some fabric. At fist I had considered JoAnne’s, but the quality and patterns at LE were so much more fun…and I use any excuse I can to get over there.

I picked up two different fabrics for the outside (a cotton and a canvas, a fabric for the inside, and some interfacing to give the bag some more stability.)

The lighting wasn’t awesome, but it’s a yellow checked cotton, a French motif cotton, and a navy-ish canvas material.

After cutting everything to size (always my least favorite part), the bag was relatively easy to assemble and turned out really cute, despite one near disaster with measurements! I always half expect my sewing projects to be a disaster and this one proved me wrong, for which I am soooooo grateful.  I loved how this was a great project for the non-adventurous sewer, and that it only took a few hours….my attention span for sewing projects is much shorter than knit projects.


Goodbye, Ziplock, can’t say I hate to see you go!

What do you use to carry around your projects?