You could say that fiber artists run in the family.

I grew up watching my grandmother knit and crochet…she always had yarn with her and I was always amazed at the things that she created.  My mother is also a fiber (and illustrator) artist and owns 5 alpacas on a ranchette in Colorado. She has recently learned how to clean, card and spin her own yarn (find her at @happycanyonalpacas) and has been knitting hats since I can remember.

With the influence of my mother and grandmother, it was inevitable that I learned how to knit as well. After pestering my grandmother repeatedly to teach me, at age 8 I was able to learn on a road trip and started out with granny squares. From the very beginning, I was (forgive the pun) hooked! I continued to crochet through the rest of my childhood and learned how to knit a few years later.

My love for the craft waned in my later teen years and in college, but in my last semester at CSU a Latin professor re-ignited my love for yarn and fiber arts when she taught me how to knit cables– and I haven’t put down the needles since.  While my day job is in the nonprofit world, at night you can find me parked on the couch either knitting or blogging.

I created this shop in early 2016 as a way to share what I create with others. I love to design new things and am constantly trying to improve my shop’s offerings. I am very open to creating custom orders, just drop me a note!

Thanks for reading!


-Colorado, USA-

Photo by: Lady Ilg Photography



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